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Gaming HangoutsThread ELDEN RING |OT3| Try Jumping
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Intentionally antagonizing other users with drive-by, trolling, history of similar infractions
I didn't want to start a thread for this question, so I figure I'll just pop into this thread and see if a side bar discussion is possible. This is kind of inflammatory I think, given the nature of this fanbase, but brace yourselves: Why do FROM fan make so many excuses for this developer? Poor controls, terrible button layout, generation spanning performance issues, and very little experimentation or why is this developer immune to criticisms that absolutely level other studios? Most recently with Elden Ring, it seems like From has their head so far up their own asses that it works to the detriment of their games. Instead of asking themselves questions, it feels like they just charged forward with whatever they put on paper or had in their head. So why are all of these shortcomings overlooked and excused?