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EtcetEra HangoutsThread All Elite Wrestling |OT9| Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Rhodes
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Boys Club Rhetoric
So yesterday was kind of exhausting, but completely worth it to see AEW in Columbia. That place was packed and the crowd stayed hype all night. Random ass thoughts: -Jon Moxley, Jay Lethal, Wheeler Yuta, Brian Danielson fucking KILLED it in their matches. -CM Punk is as over with the loud crowd as it seems like on TV. -Hangman Page came out in a Tesla with cow horns on the hood near where I was sitting and it was the funniest shit. - Speaking of Hangman Page, just because you are willing to fight 3 dudes at once, does not mean you should fight 3 dudes at once. This also applies to Eddie Kingston and Santana y Ortiz. - The sweet and sour chicken at the arena was ASS. - Speaking of ass, does Toni Storm have the best ass in pro wrestling? If not, she's damn sure on the short list. - Billy Gunn is fucking HUGE. - Speaking of huge, Andrade is much bigger than he looks on TV and his match with Darby was also killer live.