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GamingThread Halo Infinite wins Player's Voice 2021 at The Game Awards
Reason User Warned: Platform wars, trolling
Or perhaps I just believe there's a lot of rose tinted glasses out there. They want HALO to be as big as it once was and they're spending the money to get people to believe it. Maybe a lot of people are enjoying it. I get it. It's been a long time coming, it does a lot for the fans. But as I said, I'm not sure I would personally vote for it yet given all I've played is a multiplayer section of the game. Not the campaign which could very much change public opinion. I find myself having two different conversations with people. Era seems affirmed that Microsoft have hit an absolute home run over every thing else this year. Even over the highly regarded Forza and many other titles. Then at work (working in a games shop, especially one where everyone went from PS2 to 360 to PS4) and people on places like discord and Facebook and the conversations are very different. Ultimately it's sales success I believe will determine its success. Well never know that because Microsoft don't really do numbers much anymore or if they do they're in some form of format including all platforms or unique players etc. If it does well against the big hitters then brilliant. That 10 to 15 million mark then fantastic. With GamePass though it can be a disingenuous sale in theory. It'll always look great. And I probably should clarify that I have played this multiplayer component. I just don't believe it's better than everything else that came out this year and some people really are reacting based on, in fairness, a weaker year for releases due to COVID and quality delays etc. More so when it's just a portion of the game.