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EtcetEraThread ERA, was I being a dick?
Reason User Banned (3 Days): Slut Shaming
A girl I went out on a couple dates with years ago was still on my Facebook friends list. She has RA and has been posting about covid fear and ripping into anti-vaxxers for the past year, fair enough and I agree. But over the past week or so I’ve seen her post countless videos of her at bars and at concerts on dates and shit with no mask and no care in the world. so tonight she updates her Facebook status and says she thinks she has covid and then goes on to blame anti-vaxxers. So I comment and say, ya know..”Take some responsibility for your actions”, maybe stop going out to bars and shows and posting videos and tons of pics of you maskless in public around dudes you’ve just met.( I didn’t say that last part to her) She quickly deletes the comment, then messages me over messenger asking what’s my problem, I don’t know her and what is she supposed to do, hide at home forever? She then says I’m a dick, tells me to shut the fuck up and then blocks me. so am I a dick? I don’t think so. While I agree anti-vaxxers are an issue, you can’t lay blame entirely on them if you aren’t doing what it takes to be safe. Vaccination alone doesn’t cut it.