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EtcetEraThread University of Florida accused of racism after celebrating black graduates are physically removed
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The man physically grabbing and pushing the excited graduates seems to be an employee or lecturer/faculty member of UoF but every part of the video and his behavior I find troubling. Regardless of his given direction or the degree of supervisory authority he was lent by the college the sheer physicality here seems wrong, excessive, and completely inappropriate. The popular hot take by people posting up defenses for this man is online (ya know the type... slightly racist bottom dwellers who love harsh law and order more than anything in the world when it involves POC) is that these ceremonies are incredibly long affairs and he was just doing his job. The speculation abounds but there are concrete accumulating details that would lead one to believe that YES this was a racist moment. Simply observed in the videos the students were committing no crimes, they were reasonably excited for the day and their accomplishment, and none of them really seem to be dragging the proceedings down at all. This whole thing seems messed up and extremely unfortunate but people rushing to victimize/defend the official online and admonish the graduates makes it even grosser. All I have to say if I was in the audience and saw my kid being touched or manhandled like this I'd have very, very stern words for both the school and the faculty member. SMH