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"Are these alt posts just vying for 'craven post of the day' on kiwi farms or something?"

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Gaming HangoutsThread The Pinball (digital and physical) ERA |OT| Full Tilt
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But seriously, there was some excellent effort all around. With 43 participants we exceeded my expectations and I'm happy to say that I will be hosting an Official (?) ResetEra Tournament every month starting.... ! Every month I will begin a Classic Mode tournament that will last an entire week. It will show up as "ResetEra" under the tournament list in PBFX3 (I created a profile just for this purpose) and will be password-protected so only our community can join. The of this tournament will get a for their choice of eShop, Xbox or Steam - the three eligible platforms for participation (sorry Sony and Mobile, we'll figure something out for you at a later date, but you can't cross-play.) Future prizes for future tournaments subject to change but this is where we're starting. I will personally be providing the code. As such, I will be playing under my Hot Ham profile :) If you win you merely need to post a screenshot of the victory results page as shown above to confirm your identity and I will PM you the code. If you do not claim your code within one week I will give it to the 2nd place winner, and so on. You guy have about 24 hours to decide the next table pack the tournament table will be chosen from. I will collect these votes from the so we aren't cloggin up the other platform threads with this voting malarky. Post the TABLE PACK you would prefer FROM THE LIST I PROVIDE BELOW. The pack with the most votes will have a table CHOSEN AT RANDOM for this month's tournament! Carnivals & Legends Iron and Steel Bethesda Jurassic Park Aliens vs Pinball Whew. Okay, I will provide any further details tomorrow when I announce what the table is going to be and will likewise get the giftbot going. If anyone thinks this should get its own thread PM me, I can't make threads but I am making a banner graphic. Thanks for participating!