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EtcetEraThread Notch donated to Count Dancula (Nazi Pug guy)
Reason User banned (1week): hostility and downplaying antisemitism
You suggesting that I'm a Nazi Sympathizer or enabler, calling me a "centrist", etc, aren't insults? Man, I need another cup of coffee WORDS WORDS WOOOOORDS. Who cares? I was very passionate about World War 2 in High School. That includes watching Hitler speeches, and thoroughly enjoying that part where he killed himself. MUH ACTIONS. I feel like you either dont understand the difference between words and actions, or are deliberately conflating the two for god-knows-why. You think you're saying a lot here, and you really aren't. You are directly bastardizing REAL efforts to combat a REAL issue, by muddying the waters on what we all agree is a pure evil that still exists in our words. It's directly harmful to YOU, to US, and to those who just want to punch a goddamn Nazi in peace.