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GamingThread Why Do We Gloss Over Discriminatory, Prejudiced Content In This Industry?
Reason User Warned: Making excuses for a pattern of homophobia
You already answered your own argument, she does. She does it again in her SL, that's how P-Studio wrote them. That's why you don't have the chance to smack him. To me it totally does though: Unless I'm reading something wrong that's how I interpreted that exchange. Look, I think Hashino (director of P3 to P5 for the people who may not know) is a person who doesn't understand gay people and therefore he includes scenes like those in all his games: it's in P5, it's in P4, P3 and Catherine too. I also think that with him gone we have the chance to get better LGBT characters in Persona, but I also think there are people in here that are actually pushing the idea that particularly this game is actually going out of its way to be homophobic and harmful when that's not the case. In short, "why don't we smack Persona 5 for being homophobic and problematic?" the answer is actually pretty simple: because the scenes described by the OP are just a fraction of a 100 hour game that tried to accomplish another thing.