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GamingThread State Of Decay 2 Still Feels Rough, Despite Some Promising Ideas
Reason User Warned: Console Wars
Satonya Nutella being stingy with his Azure servers. Mark Whitten and Albert Panello told me each Xbox One would have access to the power of 6 Xbox One CPUs in the cloud for free. What is going on here? Trying to get my friends to play this game with me but they are already getting turned off by the negative previews. Same thing happened with Sea of Thieves. Pulling teeth to get them to even try it. This bad press DOES effect things. I'm personally concerned about Crackdown 3 and it's server-side destruction. It was conceived when "Cloud Powered" was one of the foundations for Xbox One and they really seem to have got away from that. If I can't wreck a whole city with my friends, I'm going to be so frikin mad I may finallly buy a PS4. The horror.