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EtcetEraThread I’ve tried online dating for roughly 7 years or more and still nothing
Reason User banned (duration pending review): sexist redpill rhetoric, accumulated infractions.
People's expectations are skewed badly online. Women gets hundreds of likes a day from guys who just want to one time them. Many of them married or partnered up. Many of them creeps. It creates a problem for the genuine guys to get a look in. You're more than likely getting filtered out along with the hook up guys. The women because they have guys messaging them by the hundred load a day believe everyone wants them. That they are literally God's gift to manhood. Their expectations are skewed. They date the good looking/rifh dudes and get sidelined or messed around, and then complain that the guys in general are messing them about. If they could accurately filter the time wasters and creeps, they would get to half decent guys who would happily respect them and date them. Problem is the average guy isn't super good looking, not rich. Gotta keep expectations in check. tldr; it's a ckuster fuck. Good luck have batman.