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EtcetEraThread Would you pay $50 to piss on Trump's grave?
Reason User Warned: Inappropriate Thread
First off, let's make a few things clear. The fifty dollars would go to a government employee, who was assigned to this detail. He'll let you in and look the other way. None of the $50 goes to Trump's family or Trump supporters. There is also a 0% chance that this is a scam and a 0% chance you'll he caught and punished. You also don't to piss on the grave. Since he may enjoy that sort of thing. Any appropriately disrespectful thing will do as long it doesn't take more than an hour and doesn't leave noticable damage. Dancing, flipping him off, getting gay married. I probably would. Even if it's dumb -- he's gone -- there is nothing left to disrespect. I wouldn't want to pass up there opportunity to do it.