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GamingThread Pokémon Legends: Arceus - New Trailer, website updated with new info, screenshots, etc
Reason User Warned: Hostility
Okay let's say they do do that while also having 900 playable pokemon each taking weeks to model program renderand balance, having them be usable without glitching them and turning into hideous abominations of modelling like. Do this while also adding an environment for them to Walk in without clipping through the floor, each with it's own walking animation that again needs to not turn into something like base no man sky random generated abominations. Npc's that also need to be modeled rendered and programmed and and made sure the skeleton is correct, that in turn means the games with the current pokemon have over 1000 unique models in one game. Dear God it's amazing that game freak is able to get something remotely playable in the timeframes the TPC has given them. And keep in mind this is them doing it where no other dev in the history of gaming has been able to replicate in the history of gaming in monster collector's with Pokemons rosters scale. And yet you people expect them to put out something on par with xenoblade x graphically when even it didn't have the fraction of unique models pokemon does. Fuck off with this arm chair dev bull shit you absolutely don't know how game development work nor the amount of work it takes a pokemon game to be fucking made, you have no right to call them lazy