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Gaming HangoutsThread Hearthstone: United in Stormwind |OT|: United Against Discrimination and Harassment
Reason User Banned (3 Months): Dismissive Commentary Around Sexual Abuse and Toxic Working Conditions over a Series of Posts
Right, that would be inappropriate to say in a more public forum... but that's a private facebook chat no? And... no... I am not defending the company, I am just not convinced kosak is guilty by associatian with this afrasiabi dude or by this cosby thing. It even said in the article kosak was an employee who intervened to stop harassment. Was kosak named in the lawsuit? By any accuser? So far we haven't seen that. Meanwhile this afrasiabi guy was literally fired for his conduct. They didn't say the same thing about kosak, did they? No, not as far as I am aware. Doubtful they were well known, and I even have larger doubts about them naming the room because they were like... cosby rapes women lets go with that. Like... what? Rape isn't even an allegation (AFAIK). It says kosak was one of the few people that actually intervened against harassment. So much for "nice guys not doing anything" line you came up with. There is a lot wrong with the picture when shit gets reported and not acted on by higher ups, those are the "nice guys not doing anything", well... not "nice guys" but you get my point.