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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread Racist Karen hits a woman at a store, then starts acting like a victim by weaponizing racism by fake crying & throwing a tantrum. (See Staff Post)
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Driving a derail regarding mental illness in a thread about racism across multiple posts
Assulting people, saying vile things or even fake fainting isn't on the same level of weirdness as what I saw in that video personally. Like a whole store was carrying on as normal around this person. If your reaction to anything is to act like this you have real problems. And if this was calculated?! If she did this whole act on purpose?!?! Somehow thinking that it would draw sympathy. That's even more absurd behaviour. Like I said, normal racist white people don't act like that. If we just cropped the video so you just saw this racist white lady's actions and didn't know what she was reacting to, you would think something very strange was happening. I don't think we would point at this and go "ah, just a typical racist white woman". And none of that means that she isn't a racist white woman. Amy Cooper is acting nothing like this other racist white woman. Their behaviour is, in my opinion, planets away from each other. This racist white woman isn't calling the cops or demanding to speak to the manager. That's the racist white woman playbook, instead you have all this weird other shit. This is a white woman in a store filled with other white women, acting in a way that gets basically none of their sympathy (I think maybe one woman says something). That's not normal to me. The victim should be the focus, and it seems like overall it is here. I'm glad that Ijema was able to get some donations to help her out, she more that deserves it after how she was treated. Ultimately, I believe that we can have the nuance of recognising the erratic nature of the attackers behaviour (if it seems that way to you) while still putting victims first and helping them out. Like I said in another post I don't like the idea of bad faith whiteness defining the way I want to talk about an issue or incident. The fact that some white people are going to try and push the fact that this racist white woman is just "mentally ill" as a way of absolving her, doesn't mean that if I personally think something is mentally weird with her that I won't point that out. That's just a side observation to me, not something that defines this. The only reason I'm talking about it now is because people are currently arguing about it.