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"This thread's premise is reactionary and unproductive"

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EtcetEraThread Miami Herald: ‘We are not afraid!’ Cubans take to the streets to demand freedom, food, vaccines
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I never expected posters on ERA to spit on the views of the BLM movement and embrace the views of the Proud Boys, but here we are. The simple fact is that the United States wants to overthrow the Cuban government in order to install their own puppet government. They want to return to the days where US interests owned 75% of the arable land, 50% of the sugar industry, and 90% of the electric and transportation industry. Plus significant ownership over other industries such as mining, tobacco, timber and others. It is part of a broader program for American sumpremcy, which nearly ties into white supremacy, as it has historically. That is why you see BLM oppose US backed regime change and why the Proud Boys support it. You can have issues with the Cuban government. It does have many, many issues. BUT, so long as the United States is constantly breathing down their neck, the existing Cuban government is the only thing standing in the way of Cuba becoming a US colony again. That is why it is most important to fight for the US to stop intervening in Cuba before attempting to fight against the Cuban government. Those posters who ignore this fact are basically carrying water for US imperialism, and stating that they do not give a shit if Cuba becomes a US colony again so long as the current government is ousted.