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EtcetEraThread Miami Herald: ‘We are not afraid!’ Cubans take to the streets to demand freedom, food, vaccines
Reason User banned (duration tbd by admin review): Hostility, whataboutism, dismissing dictatorships, thread derail over multiple posts
this is literally the dumbest fucking case of ACTUAL "whataboutism" ive seen on this increasingly deranged US-propagandized site and it will be glossed over we have an open call for invasion in the thread, tacit support of continuing (one of many) starvation embargoes for the purpose of "regime" change by the most actually authoritarian regime in the world (hint: it aint Cuba or North Korea lmao), apologism for the country respnsible for exporting more death, poverty, misery, and perennial destruction than any in history (hey remember that time in the 70's when the US govt infected the Cuban livestock supply and forced a mass slaughter of the island's swine? or chemically carpeted southeast asia resulting in birth defects to this day?), but yeah, a country with less people than fucking Ohio is just waiting to turn its commie bloodthirst out on the world if given the opportunity, but youll never see a "banned for racism" tag for this and when those with an actual interest in nuance are decried with any number of incoherent screams of "ultras", "anarchists", "tankies" labels, all that's left is the thundering silent disinterest of those same detractors when their own ostensibly "free" country jails and openly murders people for protesting police brutality, oil companies who do more damage than any country south of the rio grande could dream of, or simply suggest that maybe the people in the richest country in both past and current history by unimaginable proportions shouldnt have to be in debt for the rest of their lives for riding an ambulance, except for a "damn that sucks, anyway THIS OTHER COUNTRY'S GOVERNMENT IS SOOOO EVIL AMIRITE??". Disgusting. Moronic. Shameful. I constantly see people on this site make accusations of political repression, genocide, police states of countries and their people who they have no interest in beyond being on the "right" side of the (likely state-targeted) social media trend of the day, but pointing out the materially consequential hypocrisy of this ideology and "analysis" that leads nowhere but death and stupidity is labelled "whataboutism" and results in literal silencing if someone's anecdotal evidence of cuban exiles is weaponized here, it's just another piece of evidence for "regime change"; take the word of people living there, and it's "brainwashed", "tankie", "propaganda" etc. etc. We have elected officials of both US parties, people and places that we ACTUALLY have a material connection to who are ostensibly in the interest of bettering the lives of people here AND abroad in places like Cuba, beating their chest with this imperialist bullshit to spring up nationalist fervor for their electoral campaign warchests... and nothing. quelle surprise. this site is a fucking clown show