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EtcetEraThread With everything going on in the world, what stops you from turning socialist/marxist? What still makes you cling to capitalism?
Reason User banned (2 weeks): Violent rhetoric and personal attacks over a series of posts
Your national pride and joy, Nokia, once profited off of child labor in African cobalt mines, pretty sure they stopped though. So there's that. Otherwise, yes, you're a beneficiary of the entire global north economic ecosystem even if you don't directly do the imperialism like your neighbors. Finland is one of the best actors in a field of bad actors, I don't deny this. I'm not going to dig into your GDP to divide it between ethical and unethical. My enemy is global capitalism, not Finland. 1) GDP is a bad measure of pretty much everything 2) it's a lot of work for very little payoff 3) dividing capitalism into ethical and unethical bits (eg ESG investing) is a game for reformists to play so I'll leave it to them. As Finland was technically under the sphere of influence of the USSR, I'm okay with extending the same amnesty I offered to Grath and ex-East bloc countries if you want it. I'm just a poster on the internet, I have no real sway over global socialism. FWIW I use your Helsinki approach to homelessness a lot in my polemic against US homelessness. Part of my distaste for private property comes from appreciating the power of our NIMBY landlords.People who own slaves? What is this, what's going on? Do I need to convince you some people need to be killed in pursuit of justice? You're an American, it is in our history. Civil War, WW2, etc. Yeah bad guys need to die sometimes, if I can avoid innocents I'll try to, but the very labeling of one group as innocents implies labeling another group as non-innocent, which involves "devaluing the lives of others". Or are you a pacifist? Is that what this is? You want me to consider pacifistic socialism? Sorry, but no, I already did at the start of my journey into leftism and decided it doesn't scale. Hell, I gave up pacifism in my liberal days.