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GamingThread Warning to ImportERA: Do NOT give Play Asia your business
Reason User banned (2 days): unnecessarily hostile posting. Equating someone to the Westboro Baptist Church folks is a bridge to far.
Nothing passive. I've responded plenty to your ivory tower shtick. Standing for a cause and condescending moral high grounds are not mutually exclusive, but you've sure played both hand in hand. You want to sit back and throw rocks at people who disagree with you, and your best excuse is because "I say so?" Your entire limited scope is based around "I don't know what to do with people who think other than I do so I am just going to berate and belittle them to make me feel better about myself." You are literally every bit as bad as an abortion protestor and Westboro Baptist. How fucking rich is that. Same tactics, different skin/cause. Grow up.