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Gaming HangoutsThread World of Warcraft: Classic |OT| Greetings, traveler
Reason User Warned: Hostility
I would looooovvvveee to see your armory link to see whether you are just some bog standard try-hard elitist or an actual masochist. I have played WoW since Vanilla beta and hardcore raided up until Cataclysm and am truly vexed by people like you who pursue purity over fun in such a weird way. It is truly bizarre. But not only are you a purist but you want your sterling pure classic experience, fun or not, inflicted on everybody because YOU want to suffer through slog. Bizarre again... truly, but I will say out of the recent ad hominem filled DIRECT personal attacks on devs from the likes of man boy Asmongold or bloated ego Bellular you at least kept it sort of civil so... Bravo? So tired of unconstructive Hokum hot takes like this