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EtcetEraThread [April 30] Variety: Marilyn Manson Sued by ‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Esmé Bianco in Federal Court for Rape and Sexual Abuse
Reason User banned (permanent): concern trolling regarding sexual assault, conflating abuse with kinks, inappropriate and inflammatory comparisons with the furry fandom, previous severe bans for anti-Semitism
I think we all need to look at home and look at stuff happening now and perhaps understand nothing much has changed. I see the furry community showing face on era often and on the surface yeah there’s just people who enjoy dressing up as favourite characters etc. Then you see the likes of that All Gas No Brakes video where clearly some members of this community are extremely vulnerable suffering huge mental health crises and putting themselves in danger. You dare say the kink is a bit extreme and you get defenders blasting you for criticising their kink. I remember back in the 2000’s and the puritanical lot would call MM a Satan worshipper or whatever. They were crazy but ultimately not far off either. Back then people defended these kinks too. So I’m not gonna sit here and allow others to tel me their kink is acceptable when I know for a fact in ten years time there will be all sorts of “Me Too” stories around the furry community. Ban me if you must.