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GamingThread Why women criticise sexualised character designs (READ OP)
Reason User was warned: ignoring the OP and posting off-topic, dismissive strawmen arguments
Let's try and bridge the real world with fantasy, and I'll be interested to hear your views. Why? Because like in the real world, people often have sexual desires/interests met fantasy. Are we going to agree dildos and fleshlights aren't sexist/misogynistic? What about males and females masturbating at night? (or whenever, in private) What about males and females using Tinder to hookup weekly with sex partners for fun and enjoyment? What about gossip and chat between friends of their desires/interests/sexual partners and so on? What about males or females, yes both, who want to dress scantily, in tight clothing, to accent their features or feel sexy/empowered? In relation to clothing, what about the cosplayers of the characters you deem problematic? Are they perpetuating harmful problematic views? Is this internalized misogyny just because people want to dress sexually? You see, this is where I seriously struggle with some of the incredibly Conservative views of some gamers. The realms of fantasy being treated more hostile than the real world. Of course, I expect you to come back as any proper feminist should and say sex toys are natural, masturbating isn't a sin, people having sex with 150+ partners a year doesn't make them a whore/bad person if it's all consensual and for fun. Talking to your friends about what turns you on/how good sex was last weekend, or that you find actor named x/y/z hot and they turn you on/you dream they'd fuck you, is healthy natural sex talk. People should be able to wear whatever they want, no matter how sexual, and still garner respect, it's their bodies and dress sense. Etc. Etc. Etc. However, turn to the world of fantasy, and some of you cannot wait to rush in with every single accusation/name calling/term possible, often without any evidence whatsoever of foul play/harassment/wrong-doing, other than there being sexualized polygons. Misogyny is hatred and contempt for women, for fuck sake. A fleshlight isn't hatred of women, nor is a sexual video game character unless there is evidence the creator is something sinister themselves. Most often it's just as I highlighted earlier, straight men catering to their fantasy desires, and this is backed up by actual psychology and biology, not blogs. Most often this is not people who hate women. Yes, actual individual behaviour in this industry can be shocking and appalling, but meeting that with blanket statements/accusations is incredibly intellectually dishonest and harmful. The social media and internet court in 2017 is downright childish and immature at times. Unsurprisingly, absolute rampant hypocrisy often follows this kind of behaviour. As in some people who state they how they are publicly, end up being the ones sitting at night masturbating, sexually pleasing themselves, watching porn, hooking up on Tinder, Googling cosplay of video game characters and more. All of which, I have zero problems with. It's all healthy and natural biological behaviour for a sexual species. What I do have a problem with is hypocrisy and heavy-handed accusations with zero evidence, as it doesn't make anyone a knight in shining armour, it often makes people incredibly ill-advised and hostile to reality. Well, that and of course the male feminist ally turns out to be a raging harasser/abuser is also something I have a problem with, you know, because that is evidence of foul play/abuse/problematic behaviour. Someone staring at their TV because Quiet is on show in no way is direct correlation that they hate and harass women. No more than someone putting sex toys in their body, or closing their eyes and masturbating whilst imaginging being fucked by whoever turns them on.