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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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EtcetEraThread I'm tired of the anime/manga community's normalization for pedophilia...
Reason User banned (permanent): normalising pedophilia
I wanted to point out a few things that may or may not have been mentioned but to also provide hopefully ideas absent of moral judgment. First, this might have been mentioned previously, but people point out how Japan is gross due to the relatively and definitely lower age of consent. This does not mean that pedophilia isn't looked down upon. The age of consent is primarily power given to the PARENTS. As in, at that age, parents can start marrying their children off or looking for arranged marriage prospects for them or even allow them to have sex depending on if the minor is in a 'loving, sincere relationship'. I am not unfamiliar with the practice of arranged marriage (as I'm Indian) since my parents were brought together via arranged marriage, though only in the last year of my mother's college life. In other words, it's not the same, though statutory rape laws are a bit more variant due to this age of consent as it varies from from around ages 13-14 to 16-18 depending on the context. Furthermore, the term 'lolicon' is slang. If you want to co-opt slang for describing a crime, go ahead, but the specific LEGAL and Pathological/Psychological term for pedophilia is '' in Romaji or '小児性愛者'. Please do not disrespect the language by saying that 'lolicon' is an official or the term for pedophilia, it simultaneously the actual seriousness of the crime by making it all about a niche subculture and also serves to slander otherwise mostly normal people. Finally, another point, and I may come back to this thread to add others: people point out that the '9000 year old vampire' style of excuse wears thin. While it is can be considered a means of circumventing the legality of what would otherwise be a crime, the age of consent, as we've seen, is somewhat arbitrary dependent on the places its enforced. Furthermore, and this is the focus of what I wanted to remind people, . In that vein, unless the character who is a 9000 year old whatever is relatively young for their species, that unit of time is also an absolute measure of their capability to exercise their personal, ethical, spiritual, and sexual agency. If you would like an example of this phenomenon, Rory Mercury, from GATE, is a 961 year old priestess who does everything she can to engage the main character sexually despite having a short, petite and potentially legally questionable body type. The point that I wanted to emphasize from this last point was that . These points I've brought up are not meant to defend lolicons or pedophiles, only provide more level-headed and hopefully amoral context or nuance to the discussion while also hopefully reminding users to treat such a topic with the gravity it deserves.