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"Why aren't we fighting these cunts on the streets again?"

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GamingThread When does FF XIV story gets gud? I'm burnt out and ready to move on
Reason User Warned - Lazy Dev Rhetoric
Have you done any ultimates? Especially UCOB and UWU in SHB? DPS is a non issue. You can literally have 2 dps dead the whole fight and still have more than enough raid dps to clear. And you can't "burst your way through UCOB". You still have to do mechanics because Bahamut will still go through its trios. Also SHB UWU and UCOB clears are already lessened. You have more hp, tanks take less dmg, you have way more dmg across the board. There is literally 0 dps checks in ucob and uwu and thats not even from "good players". Theres still 0 good reason why Blue Mage can't even access the content. You can denied them the totem or give them a different totem/reward but to just say "oh no, you can't even que in" is just typical SE being lazy. Also its very clear you have little understanding of blue mage in harder content. Because blue mage is listed as a dps, many mechanics that are role base will be 100% RNG with people needing to understand more roles and be able to adapt, making mechanics much harder than they were at release. For example, hatch is normally a DPS only mechanic, but with 8 blue mages it would be 100% rng including tanks/healers which changes the dynamics of the encounter quite a lot. So yes, there is 0 good reasons why blue mage can't do UCOB.