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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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EtcetEraThread A new look at Jared Leto "JOKER" from Vanity Fair
Reason User banned (permanent): advocating targeted harassment
In case you wonder who supplied that assessment. Her take on Snyder's Watchmen is also something else. Feel free to look it up. Must be nice living in a glasshouse. Some Snyder fans are bad. Sure. I don´t remember them running the operation or being in Snyder´s good graces though. We are destroying what it means to be a fan these days? Lol. A lot of you know what Snyder had to say about that (to WB in early 2020). What a quote by Sean. BoP fans were further asking for the Cathy Yan Cut the last time I checked (there is an "official" #) and Yan even chimed on the situation recently. Not with a no. More of a maybe. David Ayer turned into a 2nd Snyder of course. More on that front soon it seems. So her take is bullshits all around. RIP her inbox. At least she will get to call us toxic again when she is called out. Well played? Edit: As if I will write her. But sure. Never check sources. Look at the 2015 date btw. She was at it there was a fan movement for anything. Even BvS still had to come out. She helped to create her own narrative. Almost impressive! Well, she got clicks and made it into a key Snyder article as the "other side".