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GamingThread [Zelda Dungeon] Diversity in Zelda: The Need for a Black Princess Zelda
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending Review): Dismissing Concerns of Black Representation; Prior Ban for Concern Trolling About Racism
You don't have to force things or change existing things for the sake of it. This isn't diversity and it's not how it works. Fair representation. Respectful representation. New characters and lore built from the ground up – that's how it works. That's why Miles Morales is such an awesome character. They didn't just make Peter Parker black (or any other background for that matter). Also, while we're on this topic: Why not brown? Why not middle Eastern? Why not south East Asian? Not everything is just white or black, but often gets painted as such in the name of diversity. If anything, that's just as damaging. I'm so tired of this linear thinking.