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GamingThread Official Update on Xbox Live Gold Pricing from Microsoft
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Platform Warring; Previous Similar Infractions and Behavior
MS is truly the worst ever thing to ever happen to gaming in general. It's because of them that online play is no longer free and that paying for DLC has been normalized. With the Xbox One, they attempted to kill your ability to lend/resell games as you see fit. Thankfully they failed. But they still tried and could have gotten away with it. They tried to remove your ability to play offline. With Game Pass, they're setting a permanent recurrent hook on your wallet. They expect that you will remain subscribed forever, hoping that at some point, your life will get in the way of you being able to play enough games to make it worth the price, yet remain subscribed just because you'll forget or not bother to unsubscribe, turning it into a losing proposition for you, and a winning proposition for them. If Kinect had taken off and became the success they had hoped, you can bet that at some point, they would have tried to justify you paying more for watching movies if more people were detected in the room. . They have always been evil, and will always be evil. This price increase is yet one more example of this.