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"We're getting heavily played."

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GamingThread Polygon: Resident Evil Village has a big vampire lady and fans love her
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Condescending and dismissive commentary towards sexism over multiple posts, misrepresenting legitimate concerns as "kink shaming"
I'm sure that a lot of the people in this thread are very much just having fun or taking the piss, but hey, if we wanna get all serious about it I think there's something kind of nice about a female character who does have sex appeal (nothing wrong with that after all) that doesn't seem to be as pandering to the male gaze as say Trish or Quiet or whatever. There's an... understated quality to her sexiness if that makes sense? Like it's not so ridiculously overt that it's obvious it's just for horny guys and girls but of course she's designed in a way that is compelling, she's a villain (is she?) in a Resident Evil game. Kind of baffled at the weird kink shaming you're doing as well, hell as a gay man i've met a lot of guys who are into eating ass and some people enjoy getting stomped on, whatever two consenting adults do is just fine by me if no one is getting hurt or exploited. Women are beautiful, tall women are beautiful, some guys/girls might react to a videogame character with these qualities in a way that could seem aggressively enthusiastic but fuck man, let them have a bit of levity in the middle of a depressing months long pandemic for fucks sake. Has someone pissed in your corn flakes recently or something?