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"We're getting heavily played."

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EtcetEraThread Planning to move to Japan but I don't know if moving like this is a bad idea Up: Update from OP
Reason User warned: Don't insult your fellow members.
Another dick. Great. Y’all promoting keeping possessions like they matter so much. Who gives a shit. Dude has skills (apparently), he can work online. He can try different things if and when Japan doesn’t work. Again unless i read it wrong he’s not destitute, he can sell his accumulated belongings and have a try in Asia. He can work online thanks to his marketing and design experience. He can try and (probably fail) to get a job as a brown dude teaching English without a visa. Lots he can do, if he tries. Actively discouraging him is the dick move. Telling him a realistic scenario but suggesting alternatives Is the right thing to do.