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"[mod edit] this isn't the thread to share your fetishes, thank you!"

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GamingThread CDPR is a transphobic company. It's time we stop making excuses for them.
Reason User threadbanned, further moderation pending review: inappropriate series of whataboutisms
So, I have been reading and reading. Damn, near a week now. Cyberpunk 2077 is problematic and is nigh on banned from approved discussion and this (the polite term) has been begging the question: Has there been any discourse on how future releases are to be treated moving forward? Surely, if this CD Projekt Red game deserves this amount of scrutiny, most of the upcoming major releases should be treated the same, right? Logic would dictate. Is this enthusiast open to banning discussion of, say, GTA VI? You that game is going to be a powder keg for this community. Why hasn't discussion of Ubisoft products been banned as well for so, so, many reasons? Fallout '76 also seemed to be problematic. Shouldn't that have been a prohibited title along with other Bethesda releases? Or on that note should not all Microsoft-published games be banned from discourse what with the ZeniMax acquisition? Guilt by association is convenient; the guillotine silences all. One interpretation for Cyberpunk 2077 necessitating thousand-word mod posts (and lord knows how much effort and back-and-forth from the poor moderation staff) would be that trans' rights seem to trump misogyny and good, old-fashioned racism on this website, though that is not my take, I see the argument and I see the debate team hats coming out. Isn’t Ubisoft an equally hateful company when compared to CD Projekt Red? More so? Harry Potter games are just a given for the ban-pile, I assume, probably releasing with a promised "text-only," mod-written thread, if at all. God forbid we get a Kingdom Come sequel. If these numerous releases are even approved for discussion, what about the users who play them and comment? Did they happen to get a copy from This is a company that openly exploits its workers to the point of suicide. This is a company that uses forced-labor camps in Uighur China. Surely users who use Amazon, WalMart, Cost Co., Best Buy, LG, Toshiba, Verizon, Apple, TCL, Sony, Microsoft, Ford, Corsair, MSI, Valve, Intuit, FIS, Google, Razer, Qualcomm, Alphabet, Facebook, Instagram, Intel, AT&T, Cisco, Comcast, Toyota, GE, WhatsApp, Adobe, Netflix, nVidia, AMD, Texas Instruments, Samsung, Insignia, General Motors, Philips, Oculus, Hewlett-Packard, or IMB products deserve a permanent ban because using these problematic company's products condones these problematic company's practices? These transgressions should surely be more prominent on this forum than say, a Mix It Up ad, the treatment of prisoner stereotypes, or sexual character designs, right? These are companies who yet this forum is writing 7,000-word posts about the lack of inclusiveness in a microcosm of a pass-time that users to throw money at the companies listed above (though, to be fair, I may have left one or two off that list but surely you get the point). This seems like a double-standard and this seems like hypocrisy and this seems like bullshit. I guess my question is this: is equality important to the folks who frequent this website? I appreciate the political ramifications of this site's treatment of the year's biggest game release, but it needs to do the same for all titles moving forward or this becomes a hollow, one-note hill to die on, and, congratulations, people here picked a hill to die on, but it was the wrong damn hill. And I guess my point is this: why does the opinion of a minority group get carte-blanche to dictate policy on this site, when there are issues in play that affect every single person here, not just a percentage? Where are the torches and pitchforks for the death toll a release like the PlayStation 5 induced? If you want to take a stance, good; take that stance, believe in something; fight the power. Good for you. Remember though, there are often much larger issues at play, and your time could be better spent on a street corner protesting the things you believe in rather than cross-checking which ResetERA users cross-post on NeoGAF. Set the bar a bit higher for yourself. I mean not to belittle the politics of this community but more-so the in which it chooses to push them. So. What do we do about upcoming games? Is there a discussion about this? And more importantly for the average ResetERA user: is there a discussion – perhaps a sticky? - between moderation staff and the general users about what this website is rapidly devolving into that does not involve "trials by Discord," doxxing, or behind the scenes chicanery? I'd like to know. Maybe a few others would, too. Much love to every single one of you.