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EtcetEraThread Election Results 2020 - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (No Biden, this IS who you are)
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When you're in this deep already, might as well just drink up the rest.I can't say I agree. It was quite clear that the DNC saw Bernie as an outsider and despite his popularity with the people did not want him to interfere with the party standards. As said, they are truly just a Centre Right party and their biggest concern is being in power. The DNC wins on the two party system as much as the Republicans does and Bernie sought to uproot a lot of the systems that keeps that power up. As much as we say that the Electoral System is shit, now that it helped the Democrats win again, are we going to see them now for example go after its dismantling along with the gerrymandering, the winner takes all etc. that Bernie did? I am not so sure about that. The DNC did not want Bernie on their platform making his points, and they did a lot to diminish his influence.