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GamingThread Xbox vs. PlayStation - Who had the better games showcase?
Reason User warned: platform wars
Saying PS5 is objectively...bullshit. MS stomped all over that conference with Gamepass alone. The depth and variety of titles they showed really put this far and away above the PS5's showing. Something like 30 day one, brand new games you get to play with a $10-15 a month sub. Halo looked classic, Fable looked spot on as far as style and humor, Obsidian is coming with a new AAA RPG, Remedy is making a sweet looking FPS campaign for Crossfire, Medium looked awesome, State of Decay 3 looked great , Stalker 2 is coming and is in gamepass, Destiny is going completely into gamepass with all DLC, over 100 title are getting XSX upgrades at launch...MS was clear and concise about what they are bringing. Seriously, it's not close, but once again, Era proves it can't be objective because there are just more Playstation people out there.