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"This stock drop has nothing to do with how Labo is or isn't selling."

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GamingThread Former Ubisoft devs bring up examples Ubisoft devs trying to put explicit rape and torture scenes in
Reason User Banned (Permanent): Dismissing concerns around misogyny; account in junior phase
Is there anything more to go on with this than just a tweet? I've never played an Ubisoft game that came close to any of the shit talked about... can't help but feel like a lot of it is overblown talk. Sexual assault scenes are still in a lot of modern movies, which I don't support or ever want to watch, but it is a thing. In the same way that Last of Us handled torture, I feel like if you are going to put something extreme like that in a game or movie it should always be done off-screen and even then is never really necessary. Saying "Ubisoft wanted a rape scene in their game" is the same as blaming the entire U.S. on something a single politician said. The problem people should be the focus, not the company. Where do you guys think they are going to go after being silently fired/let-go? Anywhere they want as long as their name isn't in the headline instead of Ubisoft.