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"a choice between right-wing liberalism and hard conservatism"

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EtcetEraThread UK: Huawei technology must be removed from 5G network by 2027
Reason User Banned (permanent): Whataboutism in regards to ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide
It's amusing seeing people from the west or pro-west ppl suddenly championing for Muslim rights given the track record of their democratically elected governments.The highly Islamophobic West which with each year is trying to make life for Muslims in the West even more shitty with the growing acceptance of far-right extremists sure is great. This affects Muslims in all ways in life: profiling, verbal and physical assault, media dehumanization, employment, real estate etc. Intensified post 9/11 but already there even before that. It's only marginally better than the situation in China in the sense that the ship isn't sinking as fast but it's still sinking. Now if you look at MENA though the same elected western governments are responsible for millions deaths of Muslims directly and indirectly going back decades, and it STILL continues today through:The list goes on; it's so fucking long I could be writing about it a whole week. The US/West isn't pressuring China about Uighurs because they care about Muslims. They couldn't give two shits about their favorite targets to kill abroad, and certainly not when they:People can shout all day they don't support any of it but they've been saying the same the past 70 years while doing the same thing again and again. They don't "support it" and it's "not their fault" and yet somehow the same kind of people are elected and they all conveniently "stumble" (to borrow terminology from the war-mongering "free" western media) into the next MENA country not under Western submission, but it's "not their fault" but still the Muslim in their own countries who pay the price. It's easy to say you don't support any of it and throw some "Free Uighurs, fuck China!" posts here and there but harder to admit that the war, exploitation, and chaos your elected government brings to the region helps you enjoy the privilege of having a good life by keeping the Western status quo which is only about keeping the global north wealthy and the global south fucked as in colonial times. People want to fairly criticize China for bad things they do by all means go ahead, but bringing up the Uighur topic in the context of caring about Muslims is the most dishonest bullshit I've read here and one of the clearest example of the white man's "divide and conquer" strategy. The West makes China's treatment of Muslims look like top quality service in a five star hotel.