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GamingThread Diversity must not lead to conflict, according to CD Projekt Red studio head [PCGamer] (New Translation in Threadmarks)
Reason User Banned (permanent): troll account
Is there any chance for some moderation here? Him saying "we don't want conflict" doesn't need to mean the same thing as "We welcome Nazis and racists and btw Hitler was a cool guy too", right??? As someone who works in an office environment myself, I can understand "don't want conflict" in a more nuanced way. You can be surrounded by the purest, most non-racist and non-bigoted people in world history, if they are constantly arguing and causing fights with each other which spills into the environment, I would prefer a "conflict-free" environment too. I'm just trying to say "we don't want conflict" and "i am a horrible racist would who loves hiring bad people" aren't synonyms. But people here are speaking as if CDPR has had other issues come up in the past, and I am not aware of previous news so I may be missing something.