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GamingThread PlayStation 5 Pre-Release Technical Discussion |OT|
Reason User Banned (2 weeks): Antagonising another member over multiple posts, long history of similar behaviour
Or journalists who think they know what they’re talking about but don’t. @tomwarren’s recent twitter debates over the past day or so show he fundamentally doesn’t understand the PS5’s power and frequency management, even going so far as to make completely unsubstantiated claims that contradict Cerny. The part where it all looks very partisan is that, while people can get things wrong, when he was challenged as to why his statements contradicted Cerny’s he basically dodged the question instead of engaging honestly or simply admitting he was wrong and retracting his statements He seems to believe that the CPU and GPU are incapable of ever running at max frequency at the same time, and also that it significantly downclocks in actual use (hence the 9TF statements). It all sounds very like the “they fudged the numbers at the last minute to make it look more competitive with XSX” nonsense.