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"Engaging the Doxx9001 as we speak."

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GamingThread Smash Player ZeRo accused of Harassment by Jisu and sending sexual messages to Katie when she was 14 years old (UP: Finally admits to all allegations)
Reason User Banned (Duration Pending): Rationalising child grooming.
Not gonna lie, it's antagonistic posts like yours that makes me reconsider engaging with people in this forum. "Alright boss". Like what did I say to you that warrants this? Let me ask you, where do you think im going with my posts? Do you think I'm empathetic with predators? Search my post history and find me something where I disagree with the cancellation of nairo and the other pedos. You won't find it because they deserve all of the worst things to happen to them. Man some members here gotta chill out with posts like yours. Because it goes to show that he didn't change. It means that he's actively searching out minors for his self satisfaction. And that makes him a predator. But given his childhood, I truly believe his actions came from a place not out of malice, but of a place of...well, just stupidity. He rose to...Internet fame. Ugh, I hate saying's like Jesus dude, it's fucking internet fame, its...embarrassing. Anyway... anytime someone gets a little notoriety they feel like they're famous and get gassed up and feel untouchable. Now, judging by his look back in the day, and his social awkwardness...I'm going to assume he wasn't popular with the ladies. And the moment he got famous and all of a sudden you have girls actively reaching out to you (with innocent intentions like Katie)...well, the fame got to his head. I was socially awkward with girls growing up. An Asian American child back in the 80s-90s, living in an Italian neighborhood and attending catholic school where I and another Asian American were literally the ONLY Asians in the school and growing up in an era where apparently I knew Kung fu, and all of the female classmates were Italian...well let's just say I had a miserable childhood. First girlfriend at 18, broke up one year later and been single till I was 30. That's when I went to china to met my then GF now wife. In china, something weird happened. Now I was shy and awkward around girls all my life in NY. I was a hoot with my guy friends though, made them laugh like I was the clown of the group. It wasn't until I lived in china for 5 years that I learned that I was actually...charismatic? I guess is the word. Anyway, all of a sudden, I was being approached by ladies left and right, from my cousins friends, to teachers at the arts center where I taught English. Before I met my wife, not gonna lie, I was gassed up. Mind you I was still shy but I quickly made friends with them (never dated, I have a personal code). The point of the story is, having that kind of attention was intoxicating especially if you're someone that had little to no interaction with the opposite sex. What does this have to do with zero? Well, like I said, I can slightly relate to him...except in my case, I didn't hit on little girls. But I understand the effect of being admired. Once again, what he did was fucked up and as someone pointed out to me, very INEXCUSABLE. But it didn't escalate to the point where he met with her or received nude pics. Yes, he asked for them, he even asked for her to masturbate. To my knowLedge, fortunately for him, it never happened. I don't know how else to convey this, but...I'd like to think that people can change for the good. Like...someone that joined a gang and did heinous shit. Or an alcoholic, hell, even a racist. People have the ability to change. Just based off of what little I've seen of him, he SEEMS like a good kid, that's unfortunately had a fucked up childhood, and fucked up history with interacting with girls. Sorry this went on longer than I anticipated...just wanted to express that he fucked up, but as long as he atones for his mistakes, he shouldn't be cancelled. However, this story is still developing. And if more were to be revealed, well, there's nothing more that can be said.