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"MOD EDIT: Removed conspiracy-theory video"

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GamingThread Angry Joe really went full misogyny with The Last of Us Part II huh?
Reason User banned (Duration pending) - Dismissing misogyny, account in junior phase
I like his reviews. In fact, I look forward to them after a big release. The pre-skits with Other Joe and company. His real-time reactions. How pissed he gets when he dislikes something like microtransactions, EA reskins, short 4 hour campaigns on $60 games, etc...Hilarious. *shrug* Everyone loved him in the other forum when he was making “You fucking idiots!” videos about Microsoft and EA no matter how inappropriate he got. This HAD to be the game that drew the line huh? Even though I enjoyed many portions of the game, I too left extremely disappointed and agree with many of Joe’s points. So many plot holes, so many undeveloped characters, unnecessary shock moments. Are people really going to dismiss his entire 48 minutes of, in my opinion, entertaining content because of a couple dumb comments about Abby?