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EtcetEraThread Pool patrol Karen fired by Hampton Inn after calling cops on black hotel guest for using the hotel pool
Reason User Banned (2 Weeks): Concern trolling around racial issues
So in the interest of recent site criticism, I'm going to avoid low effort posts and dog piling and try to clarify the article which seems to have some contradictions. If I'm understanding the events correctly, it sounds like this employee noticed unattended kids swimming and proceeded to search the area for presumed parent(s), ultimately finding the mother (Mrs. Write) in her car in the parking lot. This was a good thing full stop, unattended kids in a pool is dangerous as fuck. Based on Mrs. Write's reference to an allegedly unquestioned white couple, I'm assuming the employee had asked Mrs. Write to prove her guest status prior to calling the cops, which she refused (based on the cops being called). The question is did the employee question Mrs. Write's status because she was in her car, or because she was black? Would she have questioned Mrs. Write if she was sitting pool side? Would she have questioned a white mother sitting in a car if she found 2 kids swimming unattended?