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"We do not allow our members to make claims or arguments not based on reality"

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GamingThread Let's talk about the level of discourse on Gaming Side. AKA ban 3 word posts.
Reason User banned (duration pending): long and relentless history of modwhining and hostility towards staff
For real, especially this one for me I was upset about a video game in a thread that got locked. People in another thread started talking about the locked thread, so I responded with how I felt. Got banned 2 weeks for "Trolling in multiple threads, a long history of trolling". And its like fucking When the post I got banned over was literally me complaining about how "People keep calling me a concern troll because I have criticisms, which is bullshit." I'm also not sure what a "Long history" is when I've never received a warning once before? And what counts as "trolling", is posting a tongue in cheek funny hee hee haw haw even in the same spirit as purposefully being mean and disingenuous? Good moderation absolutely goes beyond policing obviously shitty posts - If they want good discourse it starts with them and how they guide and inform discussion before it gets to a point of what is perceived as ban-worthy.