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EtcetEraThread It is time for European countries that participated in colonialism to repay the places they fucked over
Reason User Banned (1 Month): Concern trolling and whataboutism on the effects of colonialism
OK, if this principle applies then we should apply it further back. The UK needs to be compensated for: - celtic invasion from Eastern Europe - Roman invasion from Italy - Saxon etc invasions from Germany/Denmark - Irish raiders from well, take a guess. - Pict invasions from Scotland - Viking invasions from Scandinavia, - Norman invasions from France - we need compensation from France for the loss of Normandy Etc etc Then, once all this is sorted out we can discuss the UK's compensation bill to it's former colonies. The central counter argument to this line of reasoning is why should people alive today pay money for acts done 150+ years ago? You'd essentially bankrupt every western country, probably every country actually given every country has at some point done a wrong against another country or people. I am sure the African countries prior to the arrival of Europeans were busy attacking each other, forming empires etc. The only people to benefit from it would be the lawyers and accountants who'd do all the work.