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GamingThread Epic Games calls PS5 "a masterpiece of systems design" in interview with Official PlayStation Magazine
Reason User Banned (1 week): Console warring
What is annoying is everyone ignoring the laws of physics, the market trends, and basic logic just because Cerny on his completely BS deep dive talk aimed to spread misdirection to the masses happened. I've been also saying this before, but he knew exactly what he was saying with his carefully chosen words, Sony knew exactly what they were doing by marketing the conference on twitter and other consumer facing channels and they both knew exactly what they were doing when they pretended that was a developer level talk that consumers were not supposed to see. And it worked, the entire internet eat their BS all up. This is the only reason why we are even arguing that a small gpu overclocked at almost the breaking point is efficient, despite them throwing away the cost advantage they had by having a much smaller gpu, despite the numerous reports on bad yields and constant minor revisions trying to get them up, up to the last possible minute, despite the console ended up being a juggernaut bigger than anyone could have anticipated, despite the narrative that Sony being a hardware company was able to match Ms performance at way smaller sizes. This is what's annoying, you guys tripping over your own narratives over and over, for something that makes no lick of sense, that there's hundreds of evidence of being wrong, just because the company you liked told you to do so.