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GamingThread TBT to when Naughty Dog casted a white girl doing a accent as a South African black woman and said she was better than actual SouthAfrican black women
Reason User Banned (1 month): Dismissing representative efforts and false equivalencies across multiple posts
I completely get why they're picked for those roles, same way I get why a white woman that has the vocal range that's required for a believable black character is fine. Even more relevant, why didn't they cast some buff white chick to play Abby in TLOU2 and instead settled on a petit white woman?, why didn't they take some Texan VA actor for Joel and instead opted for Troy Baker which can't be further from that?. VA are taken by complimenting the vision of the director, if someone matches for a role, he/she should match regardless of their skin tone, gender or anything really.