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"Omg everyone hide your baby rape videos before the alt right finds you too!"

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GamingThread TBT to when Naughty Dog cast a white girl doing an accent as a South African black woman and said she was better than actual South African black women
Reason User banned (permanent): dismissing concerns around representation, prior severe ban around gender identity
Also, I dont want to sound defensive about an issue like this (but will probably sound) but the thread title is outright lying. It feels like OP really want people to get rilled up and hold the internet pitchforks instead of discussing the issue. First, that was something from 4 years ago and Naughty Dog has proved with their most recent release that their learned their lesson and some. It feels especially out of place now since the team is being the target of internet bigotry for quite some time now because of the progressive nature of TLOU2. In the end it just seems unnecessary and counterproductive. Like: oh yeah they have their new game launching now with a gay main lead having its sexuality fully explored by the story, black characters, a trans character and strong women, BUT WHAT ABOUT that time when they cast Laura Bailey to play Nadine??? I am not dismissing the critique, but we always talk about actions instead of statements, and when they do just that, a weirdly out of place thread like this happens instead of one praising their evolution on the issue. And of course, yeah... the thread title is literally false since Neil has never said what it suggests.