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GamingThread "Chris Avellone is an abusive, abrasive, conniving sexual predator." - UP: Now an article
Reason User banned (permanent): registering to defend sexual assault
Hi everyone, I want to start by saying two things: - in no way I condone sexual assault or inappropriate sexual behavior; - I fully respect victims who decide to come forward and share their experience. That said, I don't understand the magnitude of the outrage that these recent accusations have sparked, especially in this thread. I want to be clear: I don't think Avellone's behavior was positive, I just can't understand why everyone is treating him like a sex offender when no one publicly accused him of that. To my knowledge, these are the accusations against him (not in chronological order):He is accused of groping another woman while in a relationship. This is not something you should do and it obviously is reprehensible, but to the best of our knowledge he didn't do anything else after being told to "stay the fuck away from her". So he might be a shitty boyfriend and a very bad situation reader, but not a sex offender. He is accused of getting drunk with a woman and then trying to have sex with her, but she specifically says that she refused him and he accepted her rejection. Again, he may be very bad at social interactions, but he didn't rape her and I'm not the one saying that he didn't: the very same woman who is accusing him is doing it. He is accused of getting drunk with other women and then disappearing with them for the night. This really isn't even an accusation, it's just speculation. Mind you, I'm not saying that she is lying, I'm just reading exactly what she wrote:Where that "do the same to other girls" means get drunk with them and then go to his hotel room. What this entire phrase means is that he had casual sex with young-looking women, nothing more. Since they were drinking, we can exclude that they were minors, so I can't see any meaningful accusation here. He is accused of being a shitty boyfriend and treating her girlfriend in disrespectful ways. As I said, that's obviously wrong, but this has nothing to do with sexual assault. I have been a shitty boyfriend in the past, but then I acknowledged my errors, I worked on myself, I improved and now I am in a healthy and happy relationship. Having been a bad boyfriend in the past can't be enough to completely destroy someone and erase him from existence. He misinterpreted a message and, thinking that a woman wanted to have sex with him, he awkwardly told her that he was interested in her. "Also I need a third-wheeling exit strategy" can easily be misread as a flirtatious text, especially at 1 am and especially if you are drunk. I didn't pursue her after her rejection, so, again, while this may be inappropriate, it's not the behavior of a monster and a sexual predator. Since these are the only accusations against Avellone so far, your reaction in this thread seems extremely disproportionate to me. You are treating him like a monster, a sex predator, a sexual abuser and even worse, but no one accused him of that.