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GamingThread There is no Arabic rep in Smash, as an arabic person myself I wish we would get more representation.
Reason User Banned (3 months): making a troll thread
We discussed a lot about the lack of black reps in Smash, an interesting discussion and I think we are all clear on that matter : we lack black representation in smash. But what about arabic people ? Especially in Europe, a lot of arabs play smash and we feel a little sad that no character in the roster represent our community unlike Street Fighter or Tekken. So which character is arabic and famous enough to get into Smash, I have the perfect answer : Son Goku ! Before asking "Why Son Goku ? He's not arabic". Actually he is, and I have proof ! It's canon, Son Goku and his friends are muslim and he is also eating typical morrocan dish, the couscous. There is little doubt in my mind that it means Goku is arabic and also muslim. So I think he would be the best pick for Smash. Besides, Sakurai mentionned Vegeta from Dragon Ball recently and I think it's a great hint on what is coming next. Have you any other ideas of characters that could represent the arabic community in Smash ?