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GamingThread The Last of Us 2 is getting review bombed on Metacritic for minority representation & more, and I'm pissed [Tag Spoilers Clearly]
Reason User Banned (4 Months): Dismissing the marginalisation and oppression of white LGBTQ+ people; prior severe ban
Not if they are white as their privilege prevents them from that. Their experiences are marginally different than compare to Black/LGBT+ of Colour who often get pushed out of those spaces by white LGBT+ folks. Heck look at how Jameela Jamil got treated when she came out as Bi as she was accused of faking it, despite the fact that no South Asian would fake something like that due to how close minded the community are. There are also far more White LGBT+ characters and actors/singers/presenter in the media than compare to Non white and it was no coincidence that Elle also happened to be white as that's the default norm in this world. Elle is not a minority at all.