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GamingThread VN publishers/devs should shut up about Valves rejection of their games!
Reason User Banned (Permanent): History of defending the sexualisation of minors, user in junior phase
I mean looking at the start of the thread people were already ready to demonize people they did not agree with,the fact of the matter is that many countries loli is not illegal and they just happen to be not ok with that content.Just be to very clear steam has the right to not carry that content but on the other hand nothing is wrong with carrying it as long as it's restricted properly for places where it is not ok and that is the topic steam seems to pick games at complete random. When you carry a "big" game like nekopara that they added it's 18+patch later it seems very strange to ban a lot of other similar games. Having discussion based around how moral it is, is fine it's a strange topic to be sure but acting like people are pedos or evil over fictional content you don't like seems very extreme.On a personal note I'm very open to any content being allowed in fiction even if I don't like said content.