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EtcetEraThread ‘The Good Place’ Producer Megan Amram apologizes after past offensive tweets resurfaced
Reason User Warned: Excusing Racism
OK PPL is there that many folks here under 8 years old (I'm the only 8 year old in dis biznatch!)? 2012 was a year that most of us has lived through for certain!! This was very much tolerated back then. The frog is dead but it's still a frog that we're boiling, always has been. (Aka, these have always been out there. Everyone just forgot that today is very, very far from yesterday.) Ain't no D-FENS, just sayin' that what is horrible now was horrible then, but of course, it's no mystery as to how these things 'slipped through' in those days -- everybody just didn't care or know as much about what was horrible, and/or the perpetrators were simply not as popular and big as they became later on.