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GamingThread [WCCFTECH-Rumor] Lockhart Will Be Half The Price Of The Series X; Series X prepared to be $400, July Event Will Be A “Night Of Mic Drops”
Reason User Banned (1 week): platform warring over a series of posts, prior ban for platform warring
I've been saying the Series X was going to $399 when they revealed the back ports. Its missing the hdmi input, ir port, optical port, and kinect port from XB1. Also they are basically using the same controller so there is no cost to recoup on that end. It mainly has a slightly more powerful apu than PS5. There isn't anything really excotic about it like PS5 is. PS5 has that custom SSD , I/O and higher clock speed gpu with new smart shifting technology. The controller with all those features is going to be costly. PS5 is bleading edge technology that is going to come at a cost. Save those stimulus checks.