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"It seems this conversation has become unproductive."

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GamingThread PSA about Goodbye Volcano High and its writer.
Reason User Banned (Duration pending): whataboutery regarding sexualised depictions of minors
Right. I feel like the anger over this is extreme. The amount of backlash is really not suited to the crime. She and Kotaku fucked up, and she paid the price with the initial backlash. Continuing to attack her now is really giving credit to 4channers and alt-right. They love to decredit people all the time by labeling people as pedophiles to try and destroy people (despite also being on sites that host that content as well.) And people are really trying to damn her for this, but why her specifically? Why no go after pornhub or any other video hosting site for this content? You can literally type the characters she posted into common streaming sites and see the same stuff popping up. Again, the attack on this one individual just feels incredibly gross.